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Monday, 20 February 2017

No one home.


Hi Friends and Followers.

The birds were singing early this morning. We were awake at 6 am and ready for a cuppa. Keith had his dental appointment this morning, for an aching tooth, which had been playing up on and off all weekend.

7 am up and about well Keith and I were. Paddy was still in his bed and showed no sign of waking up, let alone getting up. Marmite was up though asking for her breakfast as usual. With Keith going to the dentist, I was off to the dry cleaners to pick up our waterproof jackets, but before I set off for town, I made up the saloon fire and washed up. I then donned my waistcoat, grabbed my bag and off I went. Now I had more than enough time to get to the dry cleaners, so I took the long route down by Warwick Race Course, which was looking splendid in the morning sunshine. I then walked up Linen lane, which has quite an incline, which always gets me puffing. I then crossed the road to the bus station and into the town. I did a circuit of the town to have a nosey in the shop windows, because many of the shops were not open yet. I made my first port of call the bank and then the Executive Dry Cleaners, only to find it did not open until 9.30 am, this therefore gave me time to look around the charity shops, before going back to the dry cleaner. I got there just before 9.30 am and parked myself on a bench to sit and watch the world going to work. There is something wonderful about people watching. 10.45 am came and went and still the dry cleaners did not open. There was no sign on the door to say they do not open on Monday’s and my cleaning ticket said to collect on Monday, so either the gentleman got it wrong on the ticket, or something had happened to the person who was supposed to open the shop. I saw no point in getting cross, because for all I know, some thing must have happened to who ever opens the shops, I just hope it was nothing dreadful. It is so easy to get annoyed when something like this happens, but without knowing the circumstances what is the point. Far worse happens and I can go back and get the jackets. 9.50 am I decided to stop waiting and to head home, where Keith was back from the dentist having had a filling. This was an expense he had not planned on. The dentist was nearly £54 better off from Keith’s visit. I am wondering if there is any poor dentist out there?

So dilemma, did I leave picking up the jackets till another day or should I go up during the afternoon. After lunch the decision was made to walk back into town, to see if the Executive Dry Cleaners were open. I am relieved to say it was open and there was a lovely lady behind the counter, who wrapped our jackets in a plastic cover and folded them so they would fit in my lifetime bag. We had a lovely conversation about the weather and the amount of people walking around Warwick, as it is now half-term. I handed over my £10 and said “goodbye”. Now I need some rain to see if the waterproofing has worked. If it has I will most definitely go back to Executive Dry Cleaners again. With nothing else to do in town, I headed home to find Keith lounging in his chair watching TV. Having put the coats away, I decided to wash the back cabin blankets. I do not want to leave everything to the last minute as I still have to wash and polish the boat, if the weather holds out, which I doubt it will.


In 1547 Edward VI, aged 9 years old, was crowned at Westminster Abbey. Edward, the son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour, was the third monarch of the Tudor dynasty and England's first monarch who was raised as a Protestant.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sunday Hugs.


Hi Friends and Followers.

Happy hug Sunday. Just thought that you may need a hug.

It was another early mild start and so my decision was to get my back cabin curtains and bedding washed and then hung out on the line, to blow in what little bit of wind there was. I do so love seeing washing blowing on a line and I do not mean rotary lines, I mean the long lines that you see in someones back garden, with a clothes prop holding up the middle. When I lived in a house, I always had a long line, down one side of the garden path, with my clothes prop to prop up the line in the middle. When the children were young, it was always lovely to see their clothes blowing in the breeze and bedding. You cannot beat the old ways. Rotary lines are fine, but there is nothing like a long line in my opinion. Anyway washing done and hung out to dry. I spotted whilst in the laundry a pair of Bullfinches opposite our boat, but bloomin typical, by the time I got back to the boat and sorted my camera out they were both gone.


A male Chaffinch was sat in the tree near me singing away, whilst Mr Blackbird, stood on top of the hedge listening..


Clearly the birds think Spring is here, because they are all singing away and out and about. It will not be long before they are nesting.


Whilst chatting to our neighbour, I spotted this Moth, which was blending in well with the timber work on our bunker.

Before lunch, I did an hours work in the Arm’s garden’s, cutting back a bit of weeding. The ground is to wet to dig, so that will have to wait until it dries out, which means I will not get any digging done before we leave the Arm.

The morning drifted into the afternoon and I followed Wasps Rugby Team online as they played Sale Sharks. Despite a valiant effort Wasps lost 34-28. But they did get a bonus point and are still at the top of the Aviva table, so things are not all bad. To make up for their loss, I sat and watch ‘Never Been Kissed’, I love that movie. So a wonderful end to the movie, it always brings a lump to my throat.

Right I am off now, so have a lovely Sunday evening. I will see you on Monday.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Spring Cleaning.


Hi Friends and Followers.

So who watched ‘Celebrity Carry On Barging’. I so hate the word Barging, when it should be Narrowboating, but hey ho. I am still loving Lorraine, even though she fell in, she was non to bothered by it. Not sure the people on the wide beam were to impressed when she hit them, but as we all know it happens, even with the most experienced boaters. There were things said by the narrator which made me cringe, because they clearly had not done their research on boating, but despite that I did laugh with them and at them, so another good program.

Saturday morning and the birds were singing early. We were awake at 7 am with a cup of tea to hand and the news and weather on TV. It was going to be a good day to get outside jobs done, which was music to my ears.

After breakfast, walking Paddy and feeding both Paddy and Marmite, I was in the mood to get jobs done outside. The first thing on my hit list was to clean the brass, which I had neglected all Winter. I fail to see the point of wasting Brasso, when you need to clean everyday over the Winter, whereas when it is warmer I can get away without cleaning for three or four days depending on the weather. To look at the brass work, it looked really dirty, that is why I am not showing you a photograph, because it was disgusting. Out came the Cillit Bang and Brasso. I know people use a range of things for getting their brass up to scratch. Brown Sauce, Shiny Sinks, Brasso on its own, but my product of choice today was Cillit Bang. Spray it on, give it a gentle rub and hey presto the worst of the grim is off. I then finished off with Brasso.


I cleaned seven portholes, four pigeon box portholes, Terret’s, mushroom vents, bullseye ring and back cabin brass. It was all done in just over an hour. When I do it next week, it will be so much easier to do. I want it to look nice and clean for when we go out.


After the brass was all done, I sanded down the back cabin step and teak oiled it. Doing it at the beginning of the season, means the wood is protected until we come home later in the year. I want to try and wash and polish the paintwork next week, weather permitting, we will then be all ready for shoving off day.


Yesterday I told you that I had tidied the pontoon. Today I washed it down and made sure everything was stowed away. I then turned my attention to the garden. My neighbour and I swapped fruit bushes. She wanted to get rid of a Gooseberry bush and I wanted to get rid of a Goji Berry bush. We tried growing the Goji berries, but had no real luck with them, so hopefully our neighbour will have more luck. I tidied a bit more in the garden, before calling it a day at 3.30 pm, when the temperature had begun to drop and it was looking rather miserable out. The next couple of days are supposed to be nice, so I have the back cabin curtains and blankets to wash. Spring is really in the air for me, or it is just the excitement of getting ready for cruising.

It is almost 4 pm and my day is almost done, I feel like I have cleaned everything I am going to clean today. Poor Keith’s toothache is back. He was fine yesterday, but today it is back. It is just as well he is going to the dentist on Monday. I am now going to put my feet up until dinner time. No idea what this evening has in store, but I am sure I will find something to do. I have plenty of crochet and knitting to get on with.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Getting in cruising mood.


Hi friends and followers.

What a beautiful day I have had. It all began at 6 am with a mug of tea and the BBC 1 news and weather on. Carol Kirkwood was happily telling me, it is going to be a lovely day and how right she was. The moment I opened the back cabin doors and stepped off the boat with Paddy, it was evident the temperature had gone up significantly on a Winter’s morning, or can I now say Spring, because that is exactly how it has felt today. Even Paddy had a spring in his step this morning, whilst we walked and listened to the birds singing. Because it was so warm, I was in no hurry to stoke up the fire, instead I went and did a laundry wash first thing. Having hung the washing to dry, I then swept the saloon flue, which was clean and required no added cleaning. It will not be long before I am letting the fire out in the saloon. I will then just have the back cabin stove going when we are on the move, for hot water and cooking. Before getting on with boat jobs, I made us a Cottage Pie for lunch and prepared the veggies we would be having for lunch.

With it being so lovely outside, I felt the need to get out and tidy the pontoon, ready for when we set off. I like to leave a tidy home when we are away, because visiting boaters may stay on our pontoon, whilst we are away. Firstly I put the remaining six bags of coal which were on a pallet into the hold. On top of the pallet, I arranged our pot plants which I like all in one place when we are away. It was at this point I discovered that someone had half inched our watering can. At first I thought maybe it was in the bunker, but no it had gone. Who would want a rusting watering can? To say I was annoyed is an understatement. I was fuming. Pontoon all tidy, I started to sort out the things we would be taking with us on our cruise this year. So shears, spade, fenders, ant powder and life ring all went on the boat. I have a mental list in my head, but I just know I will forget something.


Whilst doing jobs and listening to BBC Coventry and Warwickshire our phone went and it was Jenna the researcher. On the Lorna Bailey show today they were asking “are dog owners more sexually attractive”?.

According to this study of 1,000 singletons. The research found that 63% of people find dog owners most attractive, in comparison to 18% of totally wrong people who fancy cat owners. Keith sent a message saying where did we stand we have a cat and a dog. Jenna rang back and asked if I wanted to talk about Marmite and Paddy on air, which I have done before, so was happy to oblige. Of late if I am on the phone, Marmite see’s fit to come and join in the conversation. She loves to meow and purr down the phone. I have no idea why she thinks this is fitting, or maybe she knew she was being spoken about. Anyway I do not think the study is correct.

Lunch over with, it was back to working outside and this time our garden got my attention. The ground was way to wet to get on to, so I just did a bit of hand weeding and tidying up. No doubt when we come back from cruising, it will be full of weeds. But hopefully we will have lots of Strawberries and Blackberries. Although I say it myself, everything was looking much tidier and I was satisfied with my day’s work. I will have a new list for the weekend, which include polishing our brass, which has not been done all Winter.

Tonight’s TV viewing will be ‘Question of Sport’, ‘Carry On Barging’ and whatever else we fancy after that, looking at the TV Guide it maybe Non-Stop with Liam Neeson but we shall see. I may just be ready for my bed by then, having been awake early for two days running.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Heading for the weekend.


Hi Friends and Followers.

We are racing towards the weekend yet again. Where has February gone?

We were awake at stupid o’clock this morning, it was in fact 4 am. What woke me up was Paddy scratching and banging against something whilst he scratched. Then he decided he needed a drink. So if you cannot beat them, then join them. I got up and made Keith and I a cup of tea, which we both needed. I then snuggled down beneath the duvet and drifted off to sleep eventually, but of course no sooner I thought I had gone to sleep, I was awake again and it was 7.55 am, so no time for another cuppa, I had to be up to take Paddy out, as he was on the moved and Marmite made it known she was ready for her breakfast.

Morning jobs completed. I packed our two washed jackets in a bag and headed off to the dry-cleaners. The gentleman there said he could re-waterproof the jackets for me. I left the jackets with him until Monday and fingers will be crossed that it works. Whilst in town, I had a quick wander around the charity shops and found nothing of interest, but the walk always does me good and you never know if you will find a bargain. Whilst I was in the town, Keith had caught the bus to Tesco to pick up, washing powder, cat food, nappies and toilet rolls. When he got back he announced that he had toothache. So I got him to ring the dentist, but they cannot fit him in until Monday morning, so I think he may have a painful weekend. His toothache did not stop him eating his lunch, which in keeping with our toast once a week menu, we had Spagetti on Toast today, with fruit and yogurt for pudding. After lunch I went down to the office with a new batch of hand knitted dishcloths, which the shop sells for me. I wanted to make sure they had enough whilst I am out cruising. The shop in the Arm is also a meeting place for people, who are in the Arm for Winter and for visitors who pass through. Our meeting room The Cedar Room was book out for the day, so we had people coming and going. Even though it is Winter, the Arm is still full of life and wildlife. The Kingfisher has been around again, landing on people’s boats. It is always a joy to see the Kingfisher.

As the afternoon wore into the evening, rain set in and the temperature began to drop, so I re-lit the back cabin stove, to take the chill off the cabin before bedtime.

It was the ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’ and tonight’s challenge was to create ceramics with the theme of Japanese style ceramics. The potters were asked to make a sake set, which they did incredibly well, some of them were beautiful. Their Throw Down was a 15 minute session at the wheel to see how many rice bowls they could make. It was a brilliant program Nam won pot of the week and James rightfully went home. I did however think Ryan’s sake set was stunning in black and white.
Their Spot Test was to carve an intricate design into a lantern using a technique known as ‘the devil’s work’. There were again some nice designs. This series is already getting very good, just a shame we will not see it to the end, because we will be off cruising soon.


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