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Monday, 29 May 2017

Bank Holiday Weekend.


Hello Friends and Followers.

How quickly Bank Holiday Weekends come around and with it the rain. Saturday and Sunday were fabulous, but today we have been told to expect rain, hence the photograph at the top.

Saturday was a day for walking into the town to the market, where I got Strawberries, which were scrummy. I did do some gardening, tidying and of course cooking food, well when I say cooking, we ate salads. Cooking on a boat in the heat is not totally recommended, because the heat does not dissipate easily. I then sat and watch the F1 qualify and films during the afternoon. I also watched on Twitter the live feed from Twickenham the match between Wasps and Exeter Chiefs, which sadly ended with Wasps losing 20-23 in the final, but we fought well. Next season bodes well.

Sunday I was a little more productive. Because it was so beautiful with a bit of a breeze, I spent most of the day sitting outside, making use of our new table.


I finished another baby blanket in burgundy and grey and have begun another one in blue and white, which is already coming along nicely. Lunch was another salad and was eaten out on the pontoon. It is so nice to have a table which does not rock all over the place. To celebrate the fact, I opened the two small bottles of Prosecco which we won at Christmas in the pub quiz. As you can see neither of us are big drinkers, because those two small bottle have been in the fridge since winning them, well not anymore, because we enjoyed then contents with our lunch.

There were lots of people around walking through the site, I think this was due to the Food Festival in town, which we decided not to go to this year, mainly because it gets so crowded and thus we do not enjoy ourselves. I am not great in large crowds, mainly because I am short and I feel shut in with people towering over me, so we thought we would give it a miss this year. I did dip in and out of the F1 race, which was won by Vettel, poor Hamilton coming 7th, but the fight is not over as he said to his team. It was pretty late by the time we packed everything away and retired into the boat. Even Paddy and Marmite stayed out late. Marmite could not make up her mind where she wanted to sleep. It was either on the bench or under it.

So here we are Bank Holiday Monday and the rain has already fallen, which means the garden will get a watering, this is a bonus because it means I do not have to do it. Today was to be a day of watching films on Film4 and listening to the rain beating down on the roof.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Scorchio or what?


Hello Friends and Followers.

What another glorious day we have had. I was awake at 5 am and my alarm was set for 6 am, because today was the day when the new pontoon table was due to arrive. Because of the debacle of the past week on getting the table delivered, I decided I would be up extra early. Getting up early had the benefit that I got my laundry all done and sorted by 7 am and hung out to dry. I also got the joy of watching baby Gold Crests flitting in and out of the branches of the trees opposite the laundry room. Such a joy to see the tiny little birds and know that we have them in the Arm. Our local Squirrel was munching something beneath a tree as well. It looked like a young Squirrel, so maybe we have a new family to enjoy.

7.45 am I received a phone call from the van driver to say he was looking for me and wanted to check our postcode. I gave him further direction and within 15 minutes there he was coming through the carpark gate. Having unloaded the Three foot table from the van, he screwed the legs on and carried the table down to the pontoon, where it sits happily in the sunshine with our parasol in the middle of it.

Going back to last night, I almost had a disaster on my hands. I was helping a fellow boater by letting them into the laundry with my keys. Having spent a lengthy period nattering to them whilst their washing did its thing and then helping them with the line etc, we all went back to our boats in mind that they would be needing get back in the laundry later to put line and pegs away, so I left my keys on the work top in the boat. Marmite was in and out of the window on her lead as she does of an evening, when I heard the sound of my keys on the work top, but when I went to look for them they were no where to be seen. Somehow Marmite had carried them out of the window with her lead and yes you guessed it they were in the water arghhhh. Out came the Sea Magnet and I went ferreting around for my keys, just praying they had not gone under the boat. After a few moments of running the magnet backwards and forwards, I was so chuffed to see my keys dangling off the base of the magnet. Thankfully it is pretty shallow by the side of our boat, so if push had come to shove, I could of gotten into the water and searched for them with my hands. Anyway disaster averted thankfully.

Back to today. After sorting out the new table, I went and did some weeding in the Arm’s gardens, but it got way to hot for me and I was sweating so much it was uncomfortable, so I gave that up as a bad job. Shorts and top were the order of the day and a nice cold drink. I have decided that I am doing nothing else all day, so it will be a lazy sunny afternoon after a salad lunch. Gone are the days when I would lay out in the sun for hours.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

There and back.


Hello Friends and Followers.

So the trip out has come to an end. I know it was terribly short, but it was so lovely to be out and about even if it was just a short jaunt. At least our itchy feet have stopped itching for now.


Radford Semele moorings do get very busy and by early evening they were pretty much full up. The afternoon, drifted into the evening and it was absolutely stunning in the evening sunshine.


There was no better way to enjoy the evening than having a pint of Hobgoblin on the slide and my crochet to hand, as I watched the sun setting.


The sky across the meadow was sublime, all it needed was a Barn Owl quartering on its hunt for food. Sadly I did not get the Barn Owl.


As the sun slowly set, the sky looked more and more beautiful and we were able to watch this little bit of brilliance.



As the temperature dropped the river mist rose across the meadow, giving off a ghostly appearance and it was as thought world stopped for a few moments as there was no sound at all. The perfect end to a perfect day.

This morning we woke to the sound of the birds singing and people jogging along the towpath. It amazes me how personal their conversations are when they are out jogging and walking. I suspect they do not realise how thin a boats walls really are. Anyway we were awake early and so began the day with a cup of tea, with the sun shining through the pigeon box portholes. We got up at a leisurely rate and I took Paddy out for his morning stroll, which he found interesting, with lots of new smells, all of which had to be marked.

We left our overnight mooring at 8.45 am to head back into Royal Leamington-Spa for a food shop at Aldi. I got to try out my shopping trolley with new wheels on it and oh boy it was so much easier than a back-pack. Food stowed away, we then walked back into the town to sort out a problem with our 4GEE Mini, which shuts off if we do not use it for 5 minutes, which we felt was wrong and apparently it should not do this, so is being sent off to be tested. With it now being lunchtime, we felt it would be rude not to have another Chinese Buffet, which again was incredibly good.

We left Royal Leamington-Spa at 1.50 pm and pottled back to Warwick.



Spring has definitely been busy producing such wonderful babies.


The Swans and their Cygnets never fail to make me smile, because they are so beautiful.


Mrs Mallard and her ducklings were around as well. She is so pretty with her colouring and markings.

There were quite a few other boats on the move and thankfully we did not meet them in difficult places.


We arrived back at our mooring at 3.25 pm having had a wonderful time out. So life will get back to normal tomorrow.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Just a little jaunt.


Hello Friends and Followers.

Yes above, that is our mooring empty. We have left the mooring for a couple of days.


Only boaters will understand the itch feet syndrome and no I do not mean Athletes foot. When a boater has been stuck for a length of time, we refer to the feeling of itchy feet, which is the feeling you need to be on the move. Both Keith and I have had such feet, having been home for over 2 months. So decision was with the weather set fair to scorchio, it was a good idea for us to get away from the Arm for a couple of days. At 8.55 am we left our home mooring, turned right out of the Arm and set off for Royal Leamington-Spa. It was absolutely glorious and we both like we had been liberated.


We met up with Mrs duck and her ducklings, she has the most amazing colouring.


Then came the Swan family.


We arrived In Royal Leamington-Spa and moored near the Railway Station. I did a quick change out of my dungerees before we set off into town for a bit of retail therapy.


The retail therapy included these sandals which were priced at £69.99 down to £22.99 and I got them for £19.00, so I feel this was a bargain, especially as I needed a new pair as my previous ones had spilt some time ago. We also went into Wilko’s to buy all we would need for blacking Hadar in July. I like to get ahead of the game and it will save us having to do it all last minute, which I hate. Shopping done, we went to the Oriental Star Chinese Buffet for lunch and it was fantastic as always. We have never had a bad meal there and for £7.45 you can eat as much as you like. They do ask that you do not waste food, which none of us should do in my opinion. Scrummy lunch eaten and back at the boat, we untied and headed out to Radford Semele, where we winded the boat and found one of the couple of places left to moor.


Coffee was made and as I switched on my laptop I could hear a lovely sounding engine coming down towards us.


It was the FMC boat Crane. She sounded absolutely lovely. So here we are for the night and a nice view towards Radford Church.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The World We Live In.


Dear Friends and Followers.

I am not normally one for posting about such things, but when we woke up this morning to the tragic news coming from Manchester, it made me weep. I like you can only imagine what those poor people have and are going through. What is wrong with our world today, we are all doing our utmost to destroy the world we live in and the people. I cannot for the life of me get over the fact that amongst the carnage are children who will never see another Birthday, Christmas or the smiles from their parents as they grow up in to law abiding adults, who go onto have children of their own.

This afternoon I was on my Facebook page and as you can imagine Manchester is all over the news and online. A friend of my posted this and I had never even considered any of this.

Just saw this dates of recent attacks look at the dates
Do you have a major public event booked on 22-07-17???
may be worth reconsidering!!
Lee Rigby - 22-05-2013
Brussels attack - 22-03-16
Munich attack - 22-07-16
London attack- 22-03-17
Manchester attack- 22-05-17

I am sure like me you were stunned into silence and I have felt miserable all day, as I think of all those who have died and are still fighting for their lives. I have no sympathy for the person who did this despicable act, but they have a family out there somewhere, what must they be going through?

I am of the opinion no matter what people throw in our way, she should never give into these acts, because that is giving in. But I can see how it will scare many.

Stay strong, stay united and do not give in.


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